2012_03_03 Merri Creek Billabong

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Saturday 3rd March 5pm, Merri Creek Billabong, Northcote

feat. Tony Buck (Berlin) – drums, Rory Brown (Syd) – bass+trumpet, & Dale Gorfinkel (Bruns) – modified trumpet + contraptions

Tony Buck is one of Australia’s most creative & adventurous exports, widely known as member of The Necks & Peril. A rare opportunity to catch him outside on ‘home turf’.  Rory Brown brings an inspiring level of integrity to every musical situation- from experimental music to dub, african, jazz & outdoors. They are joined by Dale, local instrument creator & balafon player. Solos, duos + trios.

map of location

The billabong is like a fenced in crater with a couple of entrance gates. The map shows these entrances. It’s close to the bike path on the eastern side of merri creek. a 3min walk from trams on St Georges Rd (112) & Nicholson St (96). not far from blyth st. (note: part of the bike path on western side of creek is closed…so check the map)

$10 donation

For more info: dgorfinkel@gmail.com or Dale 0401096309